Experience Flexible Buying options and Affordable Prices at iStock

Originally, iStock only sold images with a minimum purchase requirement. Later on, they added a valuable and popular buying option, which is – stock photo subscription. Currently, the stock photo site combines a credit system for on demand purchases and subscription plans for more value. Here’s what you need to know about the two to decide which the best fit is for you:

  • The credit system is very simple. All files in the library can be purchased through credits. Credit packages are sold upfront and can later be used to download the images you need. You can even stock up and save as the larger the pack you get, the bigger your savings. Anyway, the credits never expire so you can use them whenever you want. Credit packs start at $33 which comes 3 credits.
  • iStock offers subscriptions for all kinds of budget. You can choose the duration and number of images per month. The duration varies into a month or a year, while the number of images ranges from 10 to 150. You can choose between Essentials and Signature subscriptions, too. The former is the lowest-priced that provides access to all images in the Essentials collection. On the other hand, the Signature subscription gives access to all images on iStock, including exclusive photos from the Signature collection.

If you want to get the best rate on photos, we recommend getting the subscription. But if you only need images for a short period of time, the credit system is your best option. It’s also worth to note that iStock Essentials collection offers more images compared to other stock agencies and are far cheaper. The Signature collection also boasts images that you will not find anywhere else.

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